Date: Tuesday, April 12
Time: 5-6 PM
Location: 304 Transportation Building

Join us for our last general meeting of the semester. This is where you can meet the new Executive team!

April GM Recap

In case you missed our April GM yesterday, fret not. The slides can be accessed in the link below.

April GM slides

And say hello to the new INFORMS Executive Team for 2016-17!

President – Rahul Swamy (
Vice President – Sean Kelley (
Treasurer/Communications – Andrew Xu (
Corporate Coordinator – Jeremy French (
Workshops Coordinator – Supatcha Chavalvechakul (
Research Coordinator – Arjit Jaiswal (
Competitions Coordinator – Rasika Deshmukh (

Feel free to email us with comments or feedback on what kind of events and programs you would like to see in this organization looking forward and how we can improve them.