When: April 14th, 4pm.

Where: Transporation Building 303

Are you looking for a summer internship? Did you recently get a job/internship offer and would like to help your peers with the tricks of the trade? The INFORMS Student Chapter will be organizing an Internship/Full-time job Info session (date and venue to be announced soon). The purpose of the event is for students with past internships to share their experiences with other students on the selection process, or their experience working on the roles that they embarked. It is also a platform for students with job/internship offers in hand and would like to share more about the selection process that they recently went through. We believe that this session would greatly benefit students still on the look-out, or those who are soon to be on the job-market!

To make the organizing better, we would like to know if you have an internship/job offer or a recent internship experience that you would like to share. Please fill in the survey form below if would like to. We would greatly appreciate if you can fill it as soon as possible.