Main Contact

Advisor: Dr. Richard Sowers


President: Shaan Bhakta


I’m a Junior in Systems Engineering and Design with a concentration in Business Systems Integration and Consulting. Despite being relatively new to analytics, I am very interested in the field and I am intrigued to see where it will lead me. While not studying, I enjoy traveling and immersing myself in new cultures.



Vice President: Shenghan (Alan) Chen


I’m a first year Master student in Industrial Engineering, with Advanced Analytics concentration. Being a data enthusiast, I am always passionate about exploring interconnections among enterprises, industries, and people. My previous exposure to manufacturing, supply chain, and finance will not limit my expeditions on other domains, where I can discover interesting trends, improve complex systems, and solve challenging problems. In spare time, basketball, fine-art design, and studying international relations are my favorite activities.

Secretary:Rahul Swamy

Picture3I’m a Ph.D. student in Industrial Engineering with primary focus in Operations Research. Prior to this, I got a  Masters degree in IE (Operations Research) from SUNY Buffalo and a Bachelors degree in Engineering Physics from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras. My research interests are in Discrete Optimization, Bike Sharing Systems, Social Network Analysis and Humanitarian Logistics. In my free time, I like traveling to places I’ve never been before and also trying out new campus activities.


Tim Murray